Coordinate Adjectives Question Preview (ID: 48885)

This Test Quizzes Kids On When And How To Use Coordinate Adjectives.

My new smart phone is awesome.
a) new, smart
b) smart, phone
c) no comma

The friendly brown dog wagged its tail.
a) dog, wagged
b) brown, dog
c) friendly, brown
d) no comma

I bought a red fuzzy coat.
a) fuzzy, coat
b) red, fuzzy
c) a, red
d) no comma

The choir sang a happy joyful song.
a) happy, joyful
b) The, choir
c) choir, sang
d) no comma

They liked the fun surprise party.
a) surprise, party
b) fun, surprise
c) no comma

The mighty winter storm howled through the cold windy night.
a) coldy, windy
b) mighty, winter
c) winter, storm
d) no comma

The quiet respectful class listened to the speaker.
a) respectful, class
b) quiet, respectful
c) class, listened
d) no comma

We went down a long dirt road.
a) long, dirt
b) dirt, road
c) went, down
d) no comma

It was an exciting enjoyable evening.
a) exciting, enjoyable
b) was, an
c) enjoyable, evening
d) No comma

It was a beautiful sunny day last August 22nd.
a) no comma
b) sunny, day
c) beautiful, sunny

You sold me a mushy sticky apple.
a) mushy, sticky
b) sold, me
c) sticky, apple
d) No comma

It was a fascinating enjoyable movie.
a) enjoyable, movie
b) no comma
c) fascinating, enjoyable

The little old lady is from Pasadena.
a) no comma
b) little, old
c) old, lady

My tall intelligent friend knows the man you are talking about.
a) tall, intelligent
b) the, man
c) no comma

The rich handsome model walked the runway.
a) rich, handsome
b) no comma
c) handsome model

They lived in a white frame house.
a) no comma
b) white, frame
c) frame, house
d) They, lived

He was a difficult stubborn child.
a) difficult, stubborn
b) a, difficult
c) stubborn, child
d) no comma

The relentless powerful sun beat down.
a) no comma
b) relentless, powerful
c) powerful, sun

She often wore a gray wool shawl.
a) no comma
b) gray, wool
c) wool, shawl

Your cousin has an easy happy smile.
a) easy, happy
b) happy, smile
c) no comma

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