WWI History Quiz Question Preview (ID: 48884)

History Of WWI.

Trench Foot was when
a) wet, cold caused your foot to go numb
b) rats ate your foot
c) a bomb blew you foot off
d) am accidental bullet hits your foot

estimate of casulaities in Russia from WWI
a) 1.7 million
b) 90 million
c) 53, 000
d) 17 million

which One is NOT a side effect of Tench Warfare
a) boredom
b) tons of sleep
c) rats
d) trench foot

nationalism is
a) hating your country
b) joining other nations to fight
c) strong military
d) pride in your country

a) cease fire
b) chosen to fight
c) tanks, guns, cannons
d) control more land

Alliance means
a) Group of countries that join up
b) one country taking one everyone else
c) 2 countries that go to war
d) to end war

This country was part of the Central Powers and no longer exists , today it is Turkey?
a) Ottoman Empire
b) Greece
c) Italy
d) France

Name what the trenches used to absorb the bullets
a) cannons
b) sandbags
c) bodies
d) crops

Who was Assassinated to start WWI?
a) JFK
b) MLK
c) Franz Ferndinad
d) Abe Lincoln

Name the type of war fare used in WWI
a) Guerilla Warfare
b) Trench Warfare
c) Atomic Bombs
d) Armistice

Name one country that was allies with Germany.
a) Austria- Hungary
b) USA
c) UK
d) Poland

What country was Germany connected to ?
a) Allied Powers
b) Central Powers
c) Empires of the World
d) Aztecs

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