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Introduction To The Nervous System.

The nerve cells that make up the nervous system.
a) Neurons
b) Osteocytes
c) Chondrocytes
d) Leukocytes

An involuntary response to a stimulus
a) Reflex
b) Effectors
c) Axon
d) Nerve Impulse

Which IS NOT one of the 4 lobes of the . cerebrum?
a) Cerebellum
b) Frontal
c) Occipital
d) Temporal

Which IS NOT one of the 3 structures forming the Brainstem?
a) Cerebral Cortex
b) Pons
c) Midbrain
d) Medulla Oblongata

White, fatty substance that protects nerve tissue outside the Central Nervous System.
a) Myelin
b) Cerebrum
c) Dendrite
d) Gray Matter

Condition in which excess Cerebrospinal fluid builds up around the brain.
a) Hydrocephalus
b) Meningitis
c) Stroke
d) Epilepsy

Which IS NOT a part of a typical neuron?
a) Synaptic Cleft
b) Axon
c) Dendrite
d) Cell Body

Which IS NOT one of the 3 layers of the Meninges?
a) Cerebral Cortex
b) Pia Mater
c) Arachnoid
d) Dura Mater

Which type of Nerve Tract carries impulses up the spinal cord to the brain?
a) Ascending
b) Transverse
c) Descending
d) Sigmoid

The 3-layered protective membrane around the brain and spinal cord.
a) Meninges
b) Myelin Sheath
c) Synapse
d) Pons

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