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The motion the Earth makes as it orbits the sun is called
a) Rotation
b) Spinning
c) Revolution
d) Tilt

How many days are in 1 year?
a) 1
b) 365 1/4
c) 30
d) 24

Earth rotating on its axis causes
a) day and night
b) tides
c) revolution
d) the moon phases

The tilt of the Earth gives us
a) Day and Night
b) Gravity
c) Moon Phases
d) Seasons

The study of all physical things beyond Earth is called
a) Meteorology
b) Astronomy
c) Astrology
d) Geology

The shape the Earth takes as it orbits the sun is
a) spiral
b) circular
c) square
d) elliptical

During Summer the Earth
a) receives the medium amount of solar energy.
b) receives the maximum amount of solar energy.
c) receives the minimum amount of solar energy.
d) does not receive any solar energy.

When there is equal amounts of daylight and night it is called
a) an equinox
b) rotation
c) phase of the moon
d) a solstice

What force holds us on Earth and keeps planets in orbit around the sun?
a) fusion
b) hyper-force
c) gravity
d) motion

How many times a year does a solstice occur? What days?
a) Four, September 21st, Dec. 21st, March 21st and June 21st
b) Two, June 21st and December 21st
c) Two, September 21st and March 21st
d) Three, September 21st, March 21st and June 21st

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