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Ancient Egyptian Government.

Egyptians mummified their dead and placed all of the following in jars for the after life except for
a) Lungs
b) Intestine
c) Brain
d) Liver

King Tut is well known for
a) Trade with Punt
b) Building the Great Pyramid of Giza
c) Not having his tomb robbed
d) Being an old man

This pharaoh was bet known for trading with Punt
a) Kuhfu
b) Tut
c) Ramsey II
d) Hatshepsut

The New Kingdom was also known as
a) The Age of the pyramid
b) The age of reunification
c) The Golden Age
d) The age of Pharaohs

Expected floods brough good soil called ( ) which helped farmers
a) Salt
b) Silt
c) Kilt
d) Good Soil

Papyrus was used for
a) Pyramid blocks
b) Writing
c) Fishing
d) Stable food supply

How do we know what ancient Egyptians looked like
a) Written stories were found
b) Tombs had detailed paintings
c) Ancient Snap chat stories
d) Heiroglyphs

Topography would show ...
a) The Temperature of Egypt
b) The Rain fall in Egypt
c) The Mountains and valleys in Egypt
d) The direction the Nile River flows

The triangle shaped area of rich soil at the end of a river
a) Tail
b) Point
c) Slice
d) Delta

Egyptians bury their dead on the( ) side of the Nile River
a) West
b) North
c) South
d) East

What natural barriers helped to protect Egypt from its enemies
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Tall Mountains
c) Sahara Desert
d) Nile River Valley

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