Islam And Judaism 2 Question Preview (ID: 48836)

Islam And Judaism 2.

Where did the religion of Islam develop?
a) Arabian Peninsula
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) Eastern Asia

What is the Western Wall (Wailing Wall)?
a) A wall built to separate the Jew from the Muslims in Jerusalem
b) The Muslim holy center in Mecca
c) The edge of Israel
d) The only remaining part of Solomon’s Temple

Which of the following best describes the history of the Jewish people?
a) Completely Peaceful
b) Filled with conflict
c) Very cooperative
d) Stable

According to the Torah: While wondering in the desert what did the Hebrew people receive?
a) The Bible
b) The Qu'ran
c) The Covenant
d) The Ten Commandments

Belief in one god
a) Alphatheism
b) Murothesism
c) Polythesism
d) Monothesism

According to the Torah: what land was given to the Hebrew people?
a) Egypt
b) Canaan
c) Mesopotamia
d) Syria

Head of a Muslim community
a) Caliph
b) Ka'aba
c) Torah
d) Qu'ran

Muslim holy book
a) Muhammad
b) Islam
c) Ka'aba
d) Qur'an

Journey to a sacred place
a) Voyage
b) Trek
c) Pilgrimage
d) Diaspora

What is important about the city of Mecca?
a) Muslims go on a pilgrimage to it
b) The Muslim holy shrine called the Ka’aba is there
c) It was an important trade city
d) All of the choices

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