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Use These Questions To Review For The American Revolution Section In Your Textbook.

What was the name of the document signed by the Americans and British declaring America's victory?
a) Treaty of Canada
b) Treaty of Atlanta
c) Treaty of Paris

Who won the Revolutionary War?
a) The British
b) The colonists (The Americans)
c) The French

What European country did the colonists get help from?
a) Germany
b) France
c) Spain
d) *

Where did the British general Cornwallis surrender?
a) Yorktown, Virginia
b) Phildelphia, Pennsylvania
c) New York City, New York

During the winter of 1777-1778, many minutemen died at this location. (Also Ms. Wester went here on her 5th grade field trip).
a) Atlanta
b) Gettsburg
c) Valley Forge

Cornwallis was the general of which army during the American Revolution?
a) British
b) Colonists (American)
c) French
d) *

What are some things the army of the Colonists had
a) Washington as a leader, bad food and guns and were untrained
b) Washington as a leader, great food and guns and were well trained
c) Cornwallis as a leader, excellent weapons and great training
d) *

Another name for the minutemen during the American Revolution
a) Partiots
b) Loyalists
c) Redcoats
d) *

During the American Revolution, colonists who were still loyal to Kind George and Britain were called_________.
a) Redcoats
b) Loyalists
c) Patriots
d) *

Who was the general that liked George Washington and helped him during the Revolutionary War?
a) Baron von Steuben
b) Benny Franklin
c) Lafayette

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