4th Grade Chapter 4 Science Test Simple Machines Question Preview (ID: 48824)


A block and tackle allows you to use --- force when lifing an object because the rope moves a greater distance.
a) less
b) more
c) no
d) equal

The force applied to cause a simple machine to do work is called---
a) motion
b) friction
c) effort
d) energy

The amount of work you do depends on how much ---you use to move an object.
a) force
b) energy
c) gravity
d) motion

The force that pulls objects toward the earth is called---
a) effort
b) friction
c) load
d) gravity

A force moving an object over a distance is called---
a) work
b) friction
c) gravity
d) effort

The force that resists the movement of objects against each other is called---
a) load
b) gravitiy
c) friction
d) effort

A greater mass requires ---force to move it.
a) less
b) the same
c) a greater
d) none of the above

A change in position is called---
a) motion
b) load
c) effort
d) friction

The weight of the object being moved is called the ---
a) friction
b) load
c) effort
d) gravity

A lever is --- that turns on a point.
a) an axle
b) a thread
c) a bar
d) none of the above

An object that makes work easier is called a ---
a) fulcrum
b) load
c) machine
d) motion

A pulley is a --- with a groove that can hold a rope.
a) wheel
b) screw
c) axle
d) lever

A wedge is one or more ---used to force materials apart.
a) levers
b) inclined planes
c) screws
d) pulleys

The inclined plane on a screw is called ---
a) the thread
b) the axle
c) a wedge
d) the fulcrum

An inclined plane wrapped around an axle is called a---
a) lever
b) wheel and axle
c) screw
d) pulley

The point on which a lever turns is called a---
a) axle
b) thread
c) fulcrum
d) none of the above

A flat, sloped surface is --
a) a pulley
b) a wheel and axle
c) a lever
d) an inclined plane

The amount of effort needed on a lever is determined by the --- between the effort and fulcrum.
a) load
b) force
c) distance
d) none of the above

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