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Water Is An Amazing Substance!! How Much Do You Know About The Water All Around You?

Type of bond created by the weak attraction of a slightly positive hydrogen atom of one water molecule to a slightly negative portion of the oxygen atom of another water molecule.
a) polar
b) adhesion
c) cohesion
d) hydrogen bond

One of water's properties is that water is cohesive, this results in water being attracted to 
a) other polar things
b) other non polar things
c) other water molecules
d) hydrophobic surfaces

Because water is made of  molecules in which opposite ends have opposite electric charges, water is considered to be 
a) polar
b) non polar
c) magical
d) universal solvent

Why does ice float?
a) As water freezes, it expands and its density decreases.
b) As water freezes, air becomes trapped between the hydrogen bonds of water molecules.
c) As water freezes, it contracts and its density increases.

Because water has a high heat capacity 
a) Earth experiences wide temperature swings from day time to night time
b) Water heats up slowly and cools off slowly helping regulate Earth's temperature and climate
c) Water heats up quickly and cools off quickly helping to regulate Earth's temperature and climate

A water strider can skate along the top of a pond because:
a) low surface tension of water
b) water striders have adapted to take advantage of water adhesion
c) surface tension caused by cohesion of water molecules 

Oil and water will not mix because the oil is 
a) hydrophilic
b) it dissolves
c) hydrophobic
d) hydrophobic

More things will dissovle in water than any other substance on Earth, because of this water is known as the 
a) intercontinental solvent
b) Dissolvenator
c) most best, huge, dissolver that the world has ever seen.  
d) universal solvent

Which of the following is true about water
a) exists on Earth in all 3 states of matter
b) will sink in liquid water when in its solid form
c) freezes at 100 degrees Celcius
d) melts at 32 degrees Celcius

Water will stick to other stuff like glass because of this property
a) cohesion
b) rehesion
c) adhesion
d) surface tension

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