Genetics, Heredity, & Evolution Question Preview (ID: 488)

Reviews Science Content Included In The 8th Grade Genetics, Heredity, & Evolution Unit; As Well As Basic Life Science Concepts. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is the basic unit of structure and function of life (Hint: all living things are made up of these)?
a) Water
b) Cell
c) Bones
d) Air

What part of a cell contains DNA?
a) Membrane
b) Cyptoplasm
c) Nucleus
d) Vacoule

What is the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction?
a) Animals reproduce sexually, but plants reproduce asexually
b) There is no difference between the two types of reproduction
c) Asexual reproduction produces many more offspring
d) Sexual reproduction is with 2 parents and asexual reproduction is with one

Which of the following is NOT an inherited trait?
a) Eye color
b) Attached ear lobe
c) Height
d) A language

What is an organism?
a) Bacteria
b) Anything that is alive
c) Non living things
d) Fungus

What is variation?
a) Differences between organisms of the same species
b) Difference between people
c) Difference within and among species
d) Differences between organisms of different species

What of the following is NOT an example of an adaptation that helps an animal survive?
a) A rabbit with white fur living in the snowy country
b) A cheetahs long legs make it a fast runner
c) A lion with a loud roar
d) A girraffe has a long neck to reach leaves high up in the tree

Which statement best describes the theory of evolution
a) Species have gradually grown and changed over time in response to their environment
b) Darwin states that all animals are created equal
c) Offspring with favorable traits are more likely to survive
d) Science says that the bible is lying

Which type of organism can produce its own food
a) Bacteria
b) Fungus
c) Plants
d) Animals

What is the primary source of energy for all life on Earth
a) Food
b) Water
c) Air
d) The sun

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