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New York is one of the ________ colonies.
a) Middle
b) southern
c) pre-columbian
d) New England

The colony of Georgia was originally a colony for
a) the very rich
b) debtors and convicts
c) women
d) Africans

One of the cash crops found in the southern colonies was
a) tomatoes
b) ink
c) indigo
d) potatoes

The colony of Pennsylvania was home to
a) people escaping slavery
b) Quakers, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Mennonites
c) unmarried women
d) convicts and debtors

Massachusetts was home to people who wanted to escape
a) religious persecution
b) slavery
c) prison
d) debt

The company that first funded the Jamestown settlement was
a) the First Bank of Delaware
b) King of England
c) Virginia Company of London
d) Bank of England

This is another term for farming.
a) timber
b) agriculture
c) pre-columbian
d) proprietary

This colony was settled in 1636
a) Maryland
b) Connecticut
c) Delaware
d) Virginia

This colony was settled in 1663
a) Virginia
b) South Carolina
c) Massachusetts
d) New York

True or false: The Southern colonies relied on fishing and shipbuilding for their economy.
a) false
b) true

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