War Prayer Question Preview (ID: 48777)

Vocabulary From War Prayer.

What does oratory mean?
a) A waterfall
b) speeches
c) kind
d) lasting forever

What does beseeching mean?
a) waterfall
b) lasting forever
c) passionate about something to a degree that goes too far
d) To urgently ask someone to do something.

What does fervid mean?
a) passionate about something to a degree that goes too far
b) kind
c) well spoken
d) bubbly

What does eloquence mean?
a) bubbly
b) wealthy
c) describes someone who speaks well.
d) handsome

What does stern mean?
a) Strict and extremely serious
b) Happy
c) Excited
d) Full of confidence to an extreme

What does battalion mean?
a) It refers to a military unit
b) A type of war
c) Another word for butterfly
d) A type of homemade butter

What does martial mean?
a) A type of drink
b) Someone's name
c) Warlike
d) Frothy

What does benignant mean?
a) Killer whale's name
b) Evil and devious
c) Foolish
d) Kind

What does invincible mean?
a) Too weak to battle
b) Too powerful to be defeated
c) It is a type of transformer
d) A person who speaks well

What does imperishable mean?
a) Something that is soured
b) A person who collects too many cats
c) Something that lasts forever
d) An undying love

What does frothy mean?
a) Something that is bubbly
b) A waterfall
c) A person who is never serious
d) A type of hot coffee

What is a cataract?
a) A waterfall
b) Kind
c) Warlike
d) Hungry

What does fervent mean?
a) Hungry
b) A type of coffee
c) Warlike
d) Passionate

What does uncanny mean?
a) Mysterious, freaky
b) Active and fit
c) Bubbly
d) Allergic

What does smote mean?
a) To embrace
b) To strike with a firm blow
c) To sicken
d) To celebrate

What does writhing mean?
a) Twisting
b) Dancing
c) Setting off fireworks
d) Meeting with the devil

What does unavailing mean?
a) Becoming successful
b) Achieving very little
c) Showing bravery
d) Kind

What does protract mean?
a) Kind
b) Warlike
c) To draw something out, make it longer
d) Prayer

What does contrite mean?
a) Joyous
b) Kind
c) Well-spoken
d) Feeling remorse, feeling bad about something

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