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Dividing a market by income, gender and education.
a) Demographics
b) Behavioral
c) Psychographics
d) Geographics

Dividing a market by lifestyle.
a) Geographics
b) Behavorial
c) Geographics
d) Psychographics

Marketers are selling skis to the east coast retailers. This is an example of
a) Psychographics
b) Geographics
c) Demographics
d) Behavioral

Businesses must satisfy customers needs and wants in order to make a profit. This is a definition of
a) Marketing
b) Philosophy of Marketing
c) Marketing Concept
d) Economy

Information about the target market with regard to age, income level, ethinic background, occupation, lifestyle and geographic residence is considered
a) Marketing Mix
b) Geographic Segmentation
c) Demographics Segmentation
d) Customer Profile

Sales Promotion, Advertising, Personal Selling and Publicity all make up the
a) Product Mix
b) Promotional Strategies
c) Promotional Mix
d) Marketing Mix

Various types of communication that marketers use to inform, persuade or remind customers of their products is
a) Promotion
b) Publicity
c) Advertising
d) Media Mix

The 4 P's are also known as
a) Marketing Strategies
b) Marketing Elements
c) Marketing Concept
d) Promotional Mix

The 5th P discussed in class is
a) Promotion
b) Population
c) Publicity
d) People

Determining the amount of money that will be asked in exchange for products is
a) Money
b) Utility
c) Planning
d) Price

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