Motion (SACS Gr 7 Summative) Question Preview (ID: 48768)

Summative Test.

A train travels 120 km in 2 hours and 30 minutes. What is its average speed?
a) 48 km/ hr
b) 3.75 km/hr
c) 12 km/hr
d) 2 km/hr

Ann walked 1.5 miles south to her house in 0.5 hours. What is Ann’s velocity.
a) 3 miles / hour due South
b) 3 m / hr due South
c) 0.75 miles / hour due South
d) 0.75 m / hr due South

The race car was moving for 3.7 hours and during that time moved 500 miles east. What is the velocity?
a) 135.135 miles/ hour due East
b) 135 miles / hour due East
c) 135.13 miles / hour due East
d) 135. 14 miles / hour due East

What is the speed of a walking person in m/s if the person travels 1000 m in 20 minutes?
a) 0.80 m/s
b) 8.0 m/s
c) 20000 m/s
d) 0.20 m/s

Which of the following is a Vector quantity?
a) Left hemisphere of the earth is at 3 degrees
b) South pole is experiencing a -5 degree Celsius temperature
c) The time in South Africa is 3:39 pm
d) 36 crawls and hops going the bridge

Which of the following is an example of a Scalar Quantity?
a) 12 hops due East
b) 37.9 degree Celsius on the right armpit
c) 12:00 am in the Northern Mindanao
d) 173 kph towards South

If you walk exactly four times around a sports track, what is your displacement?
a) 0
b) 4 times
c) Half
d) Quarter

A person begins at 0 m and walks 5 meters to the North, turns around and walks 8 meters to the South. What is the displacement?
a) 13 m NS
b) 3 m S
c) 13 m S
d) 3 m N

A boy walks 4 m, East and 3 m, North. What is his displacement?
a) 25 m NE
b) 7 m NE
c) 5 m NE
d) 12 m NE

A whale swims due east (from 0 km) a distance of 5 km, turns around and goes due west for 2 km and finally turns around again and heads 4 km due east. What is the total distance traveled?
a) 9 km
b) 40 km
c) 20 km
d) 11 km

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