Adding And Subtracting Positive/Negative Rational Numbers Question Preview (ID: 48747)

Vocabulary Review.

Two numbers with the sum of zero
a) Additive Inverse
b) Ratio
c) Integers
d) Positive Sign

The integers -1 and +1 are a _______ because their sum is 0.
a) Integers
b) Ratios
c) Zero Pair
d) Negative Sign

Are the set of whole numbers with their opposites
a) Ratios
b) Sign
c) Integers
d) Zero Pair

Are numbers that can be written as a/b, where a and b are integers and b is not equal to 0.
a) Integers
b) Whole Numbers
c) Rational Numbers
d) Natural Numbers

Is a plus sign attached to a number to show that it is a positive number
a) Positive Sign
b) Negative Sign
c) Integers
d) Rational Numbers

Attaching a _________ _____ to a number means reflecting that number across zero on the number line.
a) Positive Sign
b) Funny Face
c) Negative Sign
d) Rational Number

The total amount resulting from the addition of two or more numbers, amounts, or items.
a) Sum
b) Difference
c) Equivalence
d) Quotient

An equation or inequality expressed using numbers and mathematical symbols.
a) Sum
b) Number sentence
c) Whole Numbers
d) Rational Numbers

Is its distance from zero on a number line.
a) Equation
b) Positive Sign
c) Negative Sign
d) Absolute Value

A line on which numbers are marked at intervals, used to illustrate simple numerical operations.
a) Number Sentence
b) Negative Sign
c) Positive Sign
d) Number Line

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