Heidi Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 48731)

Reading 3, Day 65.[print questions]

What does atrocious writing look like?
a) scribbles
b) neatly written letters
c) Chinese characters
d) pictures

Which has vivacity?
a) A fun and wild party
b) A sad funeral
c) A timeout chair
d) A freezing cold barn

Who is perplexed?
a) A boy who is done with his homework
b) A boy who is hungry
c) A boy who is playing a game
d) A boy who doesn't know the answer to a question

Who is infirm?
a) A very tall person
b) A nurse
c) A person in a hospital bed
d) A baby

What does penetrate mean?
a) to want something
b) to be angry
c) to feel
d) to break through

Who is an acquaintance?
a) Your best friend
b) The neighbor you've met once
c) Your mom
d) Someone you've never met

Which one is imposing?
a) A large fancy castle
b) A run down hut
c) A small cottage
d) A family house

Who is vigorous?
a) A strong and active boy
b) A weak or sick boy
c) A happy boy
d) A sad boy

Which one is NOT luscious?
a) The taste of delicious pie
b) The smell of duck poop
c) The smell of cookies baking
d) The feel of a soft blanket

What is enmity?
a) hatred
b) love
c) wanting
d) belonging

Who is loitering?
a) A boy sitting in the kitchen eating with his family
b) A boy sitting around in the kitchen for no reason
c) A boy playing outside and having fun
d) A boy waiting in line to get food

Obstinate means
a) weak
b) ordinary
c) stubborn
d) silly

Fret means
a) love
b) worry
c) anger
d) sad

If you intimidate someone, that means you make them
a) scared
b) happy
c) mad
d) sad

Retort means to reply with
a) a happy voice
b) a question
c) a silly face
d) an angry voice

Who is accosting someone?
a) A boy who whines about a missing cookie
b) A boy who stole a cookie
c) A boy who demands to know who ate his cookie
d) A boy buying a cookie at the store

Who is indignant?
a) A boy who digs holes in the yard
b) A boy who is sad during a movie
c) A boy who stole a cookie
d) A boy who is upset because someone else ate his cookie

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