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What is the theme of the passage?
a) What happens to us when we are young is not important.
b) Sometimes we are doomed to failure no matter what we do.
c) Overcoming fear is the most important step in facing a challenge.
d) It doesn’t matter how hard you try because people with money will always get what they want.

Why does the author compare the team to a caterpillar?
a) to show that the team goes through a transformation much as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly
b) to show that the team members just want to fly away at this point
c) to show how insignificant the team is
d) because the team moves slowly

“A lot of people are afraid of what might happen tomorrow. But we can’t be. Then, whatever happens will turn out okay.” How does this speech by Rachel change the way Tom feels?
a) It makes him feel empowered and that he can’t let his fears affect how he plays.
b) It makes him happy that his family will not be affected if the team wins.
c) It helps him see that fear makes him a better player
d) It shows that he is not very important to the team.

Which of the following is the most likely reason readers might relate to Tom?
a) Many people have coaches who are also Major League baseball players.
b) Many people are afraid of major challenges in their lives
c) People everywhere have conflicts with large companies.
d) Everyone likes the game of baseball.

The conflict that Tom faces in this passage is that if his team wins the game tomorrow,
a) he will never become a starting player.
b) his dream of becoming a famous writer will be finished.
c) his friends on the opposing team will never speak to him again.
d) his parents might lose their jobs and his family could lose their home.

Which had the biggest influence on Tom’s decision at the end of the passage?
a) the way that Cruz de la Cruz plays
b) the threats from Alabaster Jones
c) the discussion the players have about facing fear
d) the fact that the team has never beaten the Lake View Mesa team

Images of newscasters, landowners, outsiders, and locals who came to root or gloat, hate or berate, filled the movie screen of his mind. By comparing Tom’s mind to a movie screen, the author implies that
a) Tom’s mind is a blank
b) Tom can’t focus on any one part of the day.
c) Tom is replaying all of the events of the day.
d) Tom is trying to write a screenplay about the team.

Tom’s feelings change after Alabaster Jones confronts him in the dugout because he starts to worry about
a) the effects his actions will have on his family.
b) whether Mr. Del Gato is really helping the team.
c) what will occur if he happens to play in the game.
d) how he can influence his teammates to throw the game.

Why does the author write that the team was cocooned for days in the school library?
a) to help the reader appreciate the beauty of a butterfly
b) to show that the team did not like to practice very much
c) to illustrate the disadvantages the team had to overcome
d) to show that the team spent a lot of time practicing together in tight, close quarters

How does Tom feel right after the team finishes practice?
a) He is still unsure of the team’s abilities.
b) He thinks the team has a chance to win.
c) He is overcome by the pressure of all the reporters
d) He is worried that he will do something that will cause his team to lose.

What does the word phenomenal mean in the sentence below? The race car zoomed around the track with phenomenal speed.
a) uncontrolled
b) remarkable
c) ordinary
d) alarming

What does the word lingered mean in the sentence below? Mike lingered at the park with his friends instead of rushing home.
a) stayed
b) practiced
c) hurried
d) arrived

What does the word savor mean in the sentence below? The singer closed her eyes in order to savor the applause of the audience.
a) encourage
b) avoid
c) enjoy
d) gain

What does the word gloat mean in the sentence below? Celia’s mother asked her not to gloat over her victories against her brother in chess.
a) downplay as not important
b) protest against
c) rejoice in a bragging way
d) ignore

What does the word reserve mean in the sentence below? Even though he is a reserve player, Carlos has played in three games so far this season.
a) timid
b) substitute
c) main
d) excellent

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