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Unit 8A And 8B.[print questions]

Research on nonverbal communication has revealed that:
a) it is easy to hide your emotions by controlling your facial expressions
b) facial expressions tend to be the same the world over, while gestures vary from culture to culture
c) most authentic expressions last between 7 and 10 seconds
d) most gestures have universal meanings; facial expressions vary from culture to culture

In laboratory experiments, fear and joy:
a) result in an increase in heart rate
b) stimulate different facial muscles
c) increase heart rate and stimulate different facial muscles
d) result in a decrease in heart rate.

Emotions consist of which of the following components?
a) physiological reactions
b) behavioral expressions
c) conscious feelings
d) all answers correct

Law enforcement officials sometimes use a lie detector to assess a suspect’s responses to details of the crime believed to be known only to the perpetrator. This is known as the:
a) inductive approach
b) deductive approach.
c) guilty knowledge test
d) screening examination

Castration of male rats results in
a) reduced testosterone and sexual interest
b) reduced testosterone, but no change in sexual interes
c) reduced estrogen and sexual interest
d) reduced estrogen, but no change in sexual interest

Catharsis will be most effective in reducing anger toward another person if:
a) you wait until you are no longer angry before confronting the person
b) the target of your anger is someone you feel has power over you
c) your anger is directed specifically toward the person who angered you
d) the other person is able to retaliate by also expressing anger.

Kinsey’s studies of sexual behavior show that:
a) males enjoy sex more than females.
b) females enjoy sex more than males.
c) premarital sex is less common than his popular believed
d) sexual behavior is enormously varied

To increase employee productivity, industrial-organizational psychologists advise managers to:
a) adopt a directive leadership style
b) adopt a democratic leadership style
c) instill competitiveness in each employee.
d) deal with employees according to their individual motives

Bulimia nervosa involves:
a) binging
b) purging
c) binging and purging
d) dramatic weight loss

It has been said that the body’s major sex organ is the brain. With regard to sex education:
a) transmission of value-free information about the wide range of sexual behaviors should be the primary focus of the educator.
b) transmission of technical knowledge about the biological act should be the classroom focus, free from the personal values
c) the home, not the school, should be the focus of all instruction about reproductive behavior
d) people’s attitudes, values, and morals cannot be separated from the biological aspects of sexuality.

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