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A Review Of The Trojan War.[print questions]

Who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey?
a) Homer
b) Euclid
c) Shakespeare
d) Dante

Who is the goddess of strife and discord?
a) Eris
b) Aphrodite
c) Helen
d) Janus

Who did Paris chose to give the apple to?
a) Hera
b) Hestia
c) Athena
d) Aphrodite

Who was the greatest warrior for the Greek?
a) Ajax
b) Achilles
c) Hector
d) Odysseus

Where was the only place Achilles could get hurt?
a) Head
b) Heart
c) Heel
d) Hand

Whose idea was it for the Trojan horse?
a) Hera
b) Hector
c) Odysseus
d) Daedalus

Who was Agamemnon?
a) King of Sparta
b) General of the Greek army
c) Kidnapper of Helen
d) Hero who defeats Hector

Greatest Trojan warrior that was killed by Achilles.
a) Hector
b) Paris
c) Agamemnon
d) Patroclus

Who was the King of Sparta and was married to Helen?
a) Richard III
b) Pollux
c) Ajax
d) Menelaus

How did the Greeks finally defeat the Trojans?
a) Waiting till the Trojans ran out food and starved.
b) Storming the city with catapults and siege towers
c) By hiding in a wooden horse left as a present
d) The Greeks didn't win, the Trojans won

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