Chapter 21 Question Preview (ID: 48682)

Lightning Thief.[print questions]

What did Percy say his stepfather would want to reward every person in Los Angeles with?
a) Free plane tickets to New York
b) A poker party
c) A free water bed
d) A free major apppliance

What airport did Percy, Grover, and Annabeth land at?
a) John F. Kennedy International Airport
b) Newark Liberty International Airport
c) La Guardia
d) Linden Airport

What Muzak was playing in the elevator that Percy took the sixth hundred floor?
a) Let the Suncshine in
b) Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
c) Hot Fun in the summertime
d) This is Magic Moment

What was Zeus wearing?
a) Khaki Bermuda shorts and a Tommy Bahama Shirt
b) A red muscle shirt and black jeans
c) A dark blue pinstriped suit
d) Black silk robes with a crown of braided gold

Where must Zeus go to purify the thunderbolt?
a) The waters of the River Styx
b) The waters of Crete
c) The pool of Narcissus
d) the waters of Lemnos

What was in the pit in Tartarus
a) Ouranos
b) Kronos
c) Hyperion
d) Oceanus

What did Hades do when Percy recovered his helm
a) Shook Los Angeles with another Earthquake
b) Sent the Furies to retrieve the master bolt
c) Sent a hellhound after Ares
d) Returned his Mother

What did Percy's mom smell like?
a) Peppermint and chocolate
b) Peppermint and licorice
c) Cherry and licorice
d) Vanilla and cherry

What was in the package that appeared on Percy's bed
a) A thank you gift from Zeus
b) Percy's belongings from Camp Half-Blood
c) A gift from chiron
d) Medusa's head

What channel was the television on during Gabe's poker game with his friends
b) Fox sports
c) FX
d) Spike TV

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