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Which statement BEST describes the power of government provided by the Articles of Confederation?
a) Congress enforced its power by taxing the states
b) The central government regulated trade to benefit the entire nation
c) That states had more power than the national government
d) The central government held most of the power

The Louisiana Purchase of 1803
a) was a major cause of the Spanish- American War
b) pushed the Spanish below the Rio Grande in North America
c) resulted in increase conflict between the United States and France
d) almost doubled the area of the United States

Which of the following was NOT part of the Virginia Plan for the Constitution?
a) Three branches of government
b) States control taxation
c) Representation determined by population
d) Bicameral legislature

This case established the right of the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional.
a) Marbury v. Madison
b) Gibbons v. Ogden
c) McCullough v. Maryland
d) Fletcher v. Peck

What happened to Washington DC during the War of 1812?
a) It was successfully defended against British attack
b) The US Capitol and the White House was burned.
c) The British agreed not to attack it during the war.
d) The citizens of the city welcomed the invading British army.

The Monroe Doctrine
a) Introduced American imperialism to Europe
b) Incorporated a Euro-American Trading Company
c) Made America off-limits to European colonization
d) Opened up trade opportunities for Europe in the Americas

The Founding Fathers gained support for the Constitution by promising that
a) The President would always be elected from the South
b) all free males would be able to vote
c) citizens would not be required to pay taxes
d) a Bill of Rights would be established

The Federalist Papers were written to encourage
a) delegates in Philadelphia to write a new constitution
b) the ratification of the Constitution
c) the adoption of the Bill of Rights
d) states to send delegates to the Philadelphia convention

What name was given to the final plan for the Constitution?
a) The Great Mix Up
b) The Two Part Plan
c) The Massachusetts Plan
d) The Great Compromise

The United States declared was on Great Britain in 1812 because
a) British companies refused to pay debts to US banks
b) the British navy sank an American warship
c) impressment
d) the British claimed California

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