The Lottery Question Preview (ID: 48608)

Group 2.

What can be seen on the slip of the paper of the winner of the lottery?
a) black spot
b) red x
c) orange square
d) nothing

What is Old Man Warner’s reaction upon hearing that other towns have either given up the lottery or are considering doing so?
a) He laughs
b) He says its a good idea
c) He says it will lead to nothing but trouble
d) He begins to weep

At the end of the story, who wins the lottery?
a) Bill
b) Bill Jr
c) Tessie
d) Nancy

How does the mood change throughout the story?
a) The author begins with calmness and tranquility, but she ultimately shifts the reader to shock and confusion.
b) The author begins with shock and horror, and then she shifts to calmness and peacefulness.
c) The author begins with mourning and sadness, and then she shifts to happiness and joy.
d) It does not change

What may be one theme of “The Lottery”?
a) Evil can be cloaked in something that seems to be good.
b) Sticks and stones may break my bones, but lotteries will never hurt me.
c) Lotteries are always in the best interests of everyone involved.
d) All women must draw first as heads of their households on behalf of their families.

How is the setting significant to the short story?
a) The unsettling setting (fall in a village) correlates with the topic of the fall of mankind.
b) The unsettling setting (winter in a village) correlates with the dark content.
c) The warm and pleasant setting (spring in a village) symbolizes new life and rebirth.
d) The warm and pleasant setting (summer in a village) ironically contrasts with the dark content.

What did the black dot represent?
a) death
b) rebirth
c) happpiness
d) revival

What is the theme of the story?
a) Stone people to death to have a great harvest
b) Not everything is as it seems
c) Blindly following tradition can be dangerous
d) To obey at all costs.

What do the villagers do with the stones the young boys collected at the beginning of the story?
a) throw them at whoever wins the lottery
b) build a house
c) throw them at the birds
d) put them in the flower bed

Which of the following events is not an event that exemplifies the short story’s dark story and tone?
a) “And someone gave little Davy Hutchinson few pebbles.”
b) The boys collect round and smooth stones, which will cause a slow, more painful death.
c) Bill Hutchinson helps play a hand in his own wife’s murder.
d) Other towns are giving up and not conducting lotteries anymore.

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