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This Test Is To See How Well You Listened To The Information Presented By The Representative From Planned Parenthood.[print questions]

What is the difference between STD's and STI's?
a) One ends with a d and the other ends with an i.
b) They vary by the method to which they are transmitted
c) They are used to describe the difference in the various type of dieases and viruses
d) They are one in the same, essentially.

What was the name of the presenter from Planned Parenthood?
a) Jacqueline
b) Janice
c) Jada
d) Jennifer

The acronym HSV1 stands for
a) Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and potentially dangerous for both men and women but can be cured
b) Herpes Simply Vaccine 1 and is neither dangerous for men or women
c) Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and transmitted by oral, vaginal and/or skin contact
d) none of the choices

The acronym of HSV2 means
a) Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and is potentially dangerous for men and women
b) Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and has no dangerous effects as long as they receive treatment
c) Herpes Simple Virus 2 and happens as a result of getting infected with HSV 1
d) Herpes Simply Virus 2 and can be cured with treatment over a six month period

Select the statement that does not fit the description of HSV 1 or 2
a) Can be transmitted through vaginal, skin to skin and oral methods
b) Can be managed with proper treatment
c) Can be cured
d) Symptoms are burning during urination, blisters, and rash

Sypllis has three statges
a) Primary, Secondary and tiertiary
b) Primary, Secondary and latent
c) Primary, Reoccurent, and last
d) none of these is the correct choice

The difference between HIV and AIDS is
a) HIV happens well before AIDS occurs
b) HIV occurs when having unprotected sex with an infected person
c) When your T4 cell count falls at and/or below 200
d) all of the choices are correct

There is two types of condoms but many brands?
a) True male and female
b) False there are more than just two types
c) Not sure how to answer the question

HIV and AIDS can be transmitted by the following methods
a) Breast milk, pre-cum, cum, vaginal secretion
b) Saliva with blood present
c) Skin to skin contact where there is no blood access from an infected person to a none infected
d) The answer with skin to skin contact is incorrect-must be access to transmitt the virus

The persentation helped me in the following way
a) To take my sexual habits more seriously
b) Introduced me to things I did not know or refreshed my previous knowledge
c) To understand how condoms work empirically
d) All the information was relevant and helpful based on my specific needs

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