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Created and posted publicly so that plebeians were no longer angry
a) Law of Twelve tables
b) Constitution of Rome

Roman, wealthy land owners who were the only citizens able to hold positions in government at the start
a) Patricians
b) Plebeians
c) Trankers

In a republic
a) all citizens vote directly on each issue
b) a small group of people determine laws and policies
c) one ruler determines the laws
d) citizens elect representatives who then make laws and decisions

Romans did not like being ruled by a Etruscan kings so they revolt and set up which type of government?
a) Republic
b) Democracy
c) Aristocracy
d) Dictatorship

Legend foretold that two brothers raised by a wolf built the city of Rome. One brother kills the other and becomes king. Who?
a) Romulus
b) Remus
c) Aeneid

Which of the following is not an idea Romans borrowed from Etruscans?
a) Columns
b) Sewers and irrigation techniques
c) Gods/Goddesses
d) alphabet and numbering

True or False: There are many written records about the early years of Rome.
a) True
b) False

Italy is a peninsula that extends into the
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Italian Sea
c) Sea of Crete
d) Indian Ocean

Because the climate, Romans were
a) able to grow a variety of food.
b) unable to grow many crops.
c) grew a few items that didn't need much water.
d) shipbuilders.

Long mountain range that runs down the center of Italy
a) Alps
b) Apennines
c) Himalayas
d) Appalachian

In times of emergency and war Romans might choose a dictator to lead them.
a) True
b) False

Why was Cinninnatus a famous dicator?
a) He abused his power an ruled for a long time like a king
b) He returned to his farm after the job was done, did right by Rome

Dictators could rule for
a) 1 year
b) life
c) 6 months
d) 4 years

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