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Spanish Vocabulary Associated With General Lunch Food Items.

Todos son un queso excepto (except)....?
a) Chedar
b) Pimiento
c) Ranchero
d) Americano

Papas Fritas son...
a) Tater Tots
b) Fried pickles
c) Potato Salad
d) French Fries

Algo para beber es...
a) anything to drink
b) something to eat
c) spanish words not learned :)
d) I would like something

Ensalada Pollo Cesar es....
a) Chicken Sandwich
b) Chicken Caesar Salad
c) Chicken Enchilada
d) Chef's Salad

Tiritas de Pollo se llaman en McDonalds...
a) Chicken Tenders
b) Chicken McNuggets
c) Big Macs
d) McChicken Sandwiches

Pedazos de pollo se llaman en McDonalds...
a) McChicken
b) Chicken Tenders
c) Chicken McNuggetts
d) Big Macs

Hamburgers en espanol se llaman....
a) hamburguesas
b) hamburgeros
c) sandwiches
d) burritos

Two pieces of bread with something between them are called en espanol...
a) Tortilla
b) Enchilada
c) Sandwich
d) Pan tostada

Jamon y Queso es que tipo de sandwich?
a) Ham and lettuce
b) Ham and cheese
c) Jelly and cheese
d) Turkey and cheese

Which of the following spanish combo is the same as the popularly abbreviated PB and J Sandwich
a) Papas, Bischoches, y Jamon
b) Mantequilla de Cacahuetes y Mermelada
c) Pan Blanco y Jamon
d) Pan Tostada y Mermelada

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