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To go faster
a) Acceleration
b) Speed
c) Potential Engery
d) Newton's 1st law of motion

What is friction
a) A unit of force in the metric system
b) A force that opposes the motion of an object
c) A push or a pull
d) Energy associated with moving bodies

Newton's 1st law of motion
a) For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
b) The greater mass of an object the greater force required to change it's motion
c) An object will stay at rest/motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force
d) Stored engery

On the roller coster where does the car have the most potential energy
a) d
b) c
c) b
d) a

Where does the car have the most kenetic engergy
a) d
b) c
c) b
d) a

When the car is lifted up onto the track it gains
a) potential energy
b) gravitational potential energy
c) kinetic energy
d) power

What are two things that affect an objects accelleration
a) force and mass
b) mass and friction
c) force and friction
d) speed and energy

Work is measured in
a) watts
b) seconds
c) newtons
d) joules

the equation for power is
a) P=Work / time
b) P= Force x distance
c) P=Work x time
d) P=Force / distance

What is the equation for Work
a) W= Work / time
b) W= Force x distance
c) W= Work x time
d) W= Force / distance

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