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The order of elements in the periodic table is based on
a) number of protons in the nucleus
b) electrical charge of nucleus
c) number of neutrons in the nucleus
d) atomic mass

Atoms of elements that are in the same group have the same number of
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) valence electrons
d) protons and neutrons

Which of the following elements is an alkali meta
a) calcium
b) magnesium
c) mercury
d) sodium

Carbon and other non metals are found in which area of the periodic table
a) on the left hand side
b) on the right hand side
c) in the middle
d) in the bottom rows

In Mendeleev's periodic table,elements in each column had similar
a) atomic masses
b) atomic numbers
c) properties
d) symbols

as you move left to right across the periodic table,elements
a) become less metallic
b) have a lower atomic number
c) have a lower atomic weight
d) become more metallic

What is Mendeleev known for
a) creating today's atomic model
b) discovering protons
c) publishing the first periodic table and making predictions about missing elements
d) discovering Mendelevium

Mendeleev left gaps in his periodic table because
a) the table was too small
b) protons were missing
c) full too small
d) no known elements fit there

Each column of the periodic table is
a) an element
b) a group
c) an isotope
d) a period

The periodic law states that elements that have similar properties appear
a) to the left of each other
b) to the right of each other
c) at every tenth element
d) at regular intervals

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