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Which two particles can be found in the nucleus?
a) Nuetron and Electron
b) Electron and Protons
c) Protons and Neutrons
d) Electrons and Quarks

Which has definite volume, but no definite shape?
a) gas
b) steam
c) solid
d) liquid

Why does the Sun appear brighter than the surrounding stars?
a) It is much larger in size
b) The angle of radiationis greater
c) The physical properties are different
d) It is much closer in distance

Which of Earth's layers has the following characteristics? Its regions are both made of iron and nickel. The outer region is molten, while the inner region is solid. It is the hottest of Earth's layers.
a) Core
b) Lithosphere
c) Mantle
d) Crust

Which question cannnot be answered through scientific inquiury?
a) Why are habitats disappearing?
b) Why are bone cells and muscle cells different?
c) How is the beauty of the Earth determined?
d) How are living things classified?

An educated guess that can be tested by an experiment is called
a) A conclusion
b) A procedure
c) An inference
d) A hypothesis

Which best describes a mineral?
a) Minerals are nonliving
b) Minerals do not have a chemcial makeup
c) Most minerals are man-made
d) Most minerals are gases

A pet-store owner has a theory that when breeding fish the number of rocks and plants in the tank increases the survival rate of baby fish. Which experiment best describes how the store owner would determine how many baby fish survive?
a) one tank with no rocks and plants
b) two tanks, one with many rocks and no plants, and the second with no rocks and many plants
c) two tanks, one with many rocks and plants, and the second with no rocks and plants
d) one tank with many rocks and plants

What term describes the path that each planet travels around the Sun?
a) Orbit
b) Rotation
c) Eclipse
d) Comet

What is the term for water that falls from the sky?
a) Condensation
b) Precipitation
c) Evaporation
d) Radiation

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