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All of the following present-day state were taken by the United States after the Mexican- American war except
a) Texas
b) Florida
c) New Mexico
d) California

Which group was forcibly relocated by means of the “Trail of Tears”?
a) Shoshone
b) Mexicans
c) African Slaves
d) Cherokee

What did the abolition movement promote?
a) Women's right to vote
b) ending slavery
c) prohibiting the drinking of alcohol
d) removing Native Americans from eastern states

The battle that took place in Montana Territory and brought the Indian Wars to an end was
a) Wounded Knee
b) Ghost Dance
c) Sand Creek Massacre
d) Battle of the Little Big Horn

What treaty resolve the US conflict with Mexico?
a) Guadalupe Hidalgo
b) Gadsden Purchase
c) Annexation of Mexican Territory
d) Paris

Which Lakota chief refused to move his tribe to a reservation?
a) Red Cloud
b) Crazy Horse
c) Joesph
d) Sitting Bull

What policy adopted by the US government encouraged/ forced Native Americans to be more like White citizens?
a) Reservation
b) Assimilation
c) Annihilation
d) Repetition

What was the name of the Southern states when they withdrew from the Union during the Civil War?
a) Confederacy
b) Confectionery
c) Conservative states
d) Union

Which was the main reason for the Mexican-American war?
a) to take revenge
b) just to fight for practice
c) to expand slave territory
d) to end slavery in that territory

The first and largest Gold Rush happened in California in which year?
a) 1849
b) 1859
c) 1845
d) 1854

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