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Which of the following does NOT happen to Melinda when she is at the Pep Rally?
a) Someone yanks her hair
b) She is jabbed in the back.
c) Other students are hostile to her.
d) IT threatens her.

The opening sceen of the novel sets the mood for:
a) Excitement
b) Loneliness
c) Suspense
d) Joy

Melinda compares art class to:
a) An old dinosaur
b) A trip to the beach
c) A dream after a nightmare
d) A ride on a pony.

Melinda draws the word "tree" in art class and is worried it will be:
a) Too difficult
b) Too boring
c) Above her level of artistic ability.
d) Too easy

During her first day of school, Melinda encounters all of the following BUT?
a) Rejection from her best friend of nine years
b) Ostracism by many students who were mad about the police coming to the party
c) Physical harassment
d) Trouble with her social studies teacher.

David and Melinda first meet each other when?
a) When she sees him at the Pep rally.
b) When they become biology lab partners.
c) When they are forced to sit together on the bus.
d) When they sit together at lunch.

On the surface, when Melinda attempts suicise it is in response to:
a) Frusteration over her her Social Studies teacher.
b) Heather rejecting her.
c) Her inabilty to join the Marthas.
d) Conflicting with her parents over grades.

Melinda is reminded of the trauma she has faced when studying:
a) Spanish
b) Disecting frogs.
c) Picasso's art
d) The symbolsim in "The Scarlet Letter"

Melinda mentally relives the night of the rape and we hear the whole story for the first time following:
a) When she is getting ready for prom.
b) David asking her to come over and have pizza with him and some friends.
c) After she loses Heather as a friend.
d) Her parents asking her what happened.

Which best describes Melinda's internal battle of Rachel dating Andy?
a) Concern for a long time friend/ Angry at her rejection
b) Jealous of her dating Andy
c) Mad at Andy for leaving her/ Sad that Rachel would date him
d) Hoping the very best for the happy couple.

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