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Which of the following does NOT happen in the end?
a) Melinda begins to tell Mr.Freeman her story.
b) She is able to acknowledge that the rape was not her fault.
c) She can still not speak of the insident to anyone other than Rachel.
d) Melinda is able to complete her art project.

Melinda Sordion suffers form what condition?
a) Schizophrenia
b) Lice
c) Trauma-induced silence
d) Cancer

Melinda's family can be seems to be
a) deeply caring and supportive.
b) a close knit group that has a deep understanding for one another.
c) distant and aloof from each other.
d) harboring a deep hatred for one another.

Why is Halloween even more lonely than Melinda is used to?
a) She has an ugly costume
b) No one invites her to hang out or trick or treat
c) She hated the holiday
d) She is home alone

Where does Melinda find refuge while at school?
a) The parking lot
b) The library
c) An unused janitor's closet
d) The auditorium

Which cliche does Rachel being to mold herself to fit into?
a) The jocks
b) Foreign exchange students
c) The Marthas
d) The drama/theater people

To try and fit in with their peers, Heather tries to get Melinda to paricipate in her plan _______?
a) To be rebellious to authority figures
b) To admit what happened the past summer at the party.
c) To get all As
d) To join five clubs

Why does Mr. Freeman protest against the school board?
a) They told him he couldn't have a radio in the class.
b) His current year budget has been cut by them.
c) They cut his class size in half.
d) They didn't like his painting.

Melinda uses physical habbits to calm her anxiety, which of the following is not one of them?
a) Biting her nails
b) Raw, capped lips
c) Bulimia
d) Sore throat

Melinda thinks that her parents
a) Would be divorced if she had not been born.
b) Are very much in love.
c) This she needs to see a phsychiotrist.
d) Want to send her to military school.

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