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Which layer of the earth is hot, flowing and supports the moving plates?
a) asthenosphere
b) core
c) lithosphere
d) mesosphere

Which scientist proposed the ides of continental drift?
a) Robert Ballard
b) Harry Hess
c) Arthur Holmes
d) Alfred Wegener

Where are the oldest rocks found on Earth?
a) in trenches
b) on continents
c) at mid-ocean ridges
d) on volcanic islands

Which geological features are found at convergent plate boundaries?
a) trenches, ridges, mountains
b) faults, earthquakes
c) mid-ocean ridges
d) mountains, islands, trenches

Who proposed the idea of seafloor spreading?
a) Robert Ballard
b) Harry Hess
c) Arthur Holmes
d) Alfred Wegener

How long ago did Pangea split up?
a) 1 million years ago
b) 10-25 million years ago
c) 180-225 million years ago
d) 500 million years ago

Paleomagnetism of the ocean floor is used as evidence for
a) subduction zones and trench formation
b) periodic reversals in the polarity of the Earth's magnetic field
c) changes in the Earth's rotation around the sun
d) island formation over hot spots

Transform plate boundary movement results in which geological features?
a) earthquakes and faults
b) mountains
c) trenches
d) new crust formed at mid-ocean ridges

What are the driving forces for plate movement?
a) convection cells and paleomagnetism
b) convection cells and subduction
c) subduction and density
d) subduction and paleomagnetism

Which ocean has the most earthquakes and is known as the "Ring of Fire"
a) Arctic
b) Atlantic
c) Indian
d) Pacific

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