Lesson One Review Question Preview (ID: 48137)

IQWST Lesson One.

What countries were once together?
a) North America and Canada
b) Europe and Russia
c) Africa and Australia
d) South America and Africa

What are the remains of organisms noticed by Wegener that are found the same in two continents?
a) Leaves and flowers
b) Plants and animals
c) Ice and mountains
d) Dinosaurs and reptiles

Plate tectonics is based on the Continental Drift Theory.
a) YES
b) What? NO
c) I seriously don't know
d) There is no record of that

What do you call the supercontinent landmass formed millions of years ago?
a) Pantallasa
b) Pangea
c) Asia
d) Eurasi

Most geologists rejected Wegner's idea of Continental Drift because...
a) He used too many pieces of evidence to support the idea
b) He wanted to know what Earth looked like millions of years ago, which is impossible
c) They were afraid of the new idea
d) He couldn't identify what would cause continents to move around.

All plates are in direct contact with each other
a) True
b) False

What do you call the evidence of Wegener's Theory that tells about the remains of an organism that lived a long time ago
a) Ashes
b) Bones
c) Follicles
d) Fossils

Most earthquakes and volcanoes are located in the same area.
a) True
b) False

Who first proposed the idea of Continental Drift?
a) Harry Hess
b) Alfred Wegener
c) Albert Einstein
d) Galileo Galilee

The area where two tectonic plates meet...
a) mantle
b) focus
c) convection
d) plate boundary

Mountains come from
a) plates sliding past one another
b) plates moving away from each other
c) collision of plates
d) volcanoes erupting

What is shaking of the Earth's crust caused by a release of energy?
a) Earthquake
b) Fault
c) Epicenter
d) Plate

Early Observers thought continents may have been joined based on what observations?
a) volcanoes
b) magnetism
c) earthquakes
d) coastlines

A break in Earth's crust along which rocks move is called a
a) Plate
b) Fault
c) Rift
d) Breach

A tectonic plate ONLY includes a continent
a) True
b) False

Elevation is an indicator of where a volcano might be located..
a) True
b) False

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