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Colonization And Exploration US History.[print questions]

What were European nations doing when they accidentally found the New World?
a) searching for a quicker route to India
b) looking for gold and silver
c) trying to find new land
d) trying to map the entire world

Which of the following is NOT an impact of the First Great Awakening?
a) people became less tolerant of other religions
b) people began to think for themselves
c) many more religions were formed
d) people became more tolerant of other religions

What was the southern-most colony in the original 13 Colonies?
a) Georgia
b) South Carolina
c) Massachusetts
d) Virginia

Where were the first slaves in the British colonies?
a) Jamestown
b) Plymouth
c) Boston
d) Roanoke

Why did each colonial region have a different economy?
a) each region had a different climate and geography
b) each region's people had different skills
c) most regions relied on lumber for their economy
d) each region was settled by a different nation

Which of the following is NOT an impact the of the Europeans meeting the American Indians?
a) American Indians gained more land
b) American Indians lost land
c) American Indians were decimated by European diseases
d) Europeans learned how to make coffee from the American Indians

What were most French colonists doing to make money?
a) fur trapping and trade
b) lumber and fishing
c) plantation farming
d) ship building

What is the first document to limit the king's power in England?
a) Magna Carta
b) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
c) Mayflower Compact
d) Declaration of Independence

Why was Massachusetts Bay founded?
a) religious freedom for the Puritans
b) religious freedom for the Catholics
c) in the hopes of finding gold
d) to provide lumber for building ships

What colony was founded for Catholics who were being persecuted in England?
a) Maryland
b) Pennsylvania
c) Plymouth
d) Massachusetts Bay

Why was Jamestown founded?
a) in the hopes of finding gold/economic reasons
b) religious reasons
c) to keep land from other European nations
d) to take land from the local American Indians

Why was Rhode Island founded?
a) Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were kicked out of Massachusetts Bay by the Puritans
b) settlers thought they would find gold there
c) Catholics were seeking to escape religious persecution in England
d) Massachusetts was running out of land for new settlers

What city did Massachusetts Bay Colony become?
a) Boston
b) Charleston
c) Philadelphia
d) Washington D.C.

Which religious group settled in Pennsylvania?
a) Quakers
b) Puritans
c) Catholics
d) Anglicans

Why did the Transatlantic Slave Trade become so large?
a) Southern plantations began to rely on slave labor
b) colonists were unwilling to work on their own farms
c) Northern factories needed more labor
d) slaves were being used to cut lumber in New England

Why did Europeans want colonial lumber?
a) to build ships
b) to build homes
c) to burn for cooking
d) to build churches

What did the colonies send to Europe in the Triangular Trade?
a) raw materials, crops, natural resources
b) manufactured goods
c) slaves
d) gold and silver

Which group believed in equality for all and allowed other religions to practice freely?
a) Puritans
b) Quakers
c) Pilgrims
d) Catholics

What did mercantilism lead to?
a) European nations exploiting their colonies to make more money
b) Catholic missions to convert the American Indians
c) the discovery of gold and silver in the British colonies
d) less colonies in North America

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