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Which term describes the circulation of heat energy by air and water that is caused by uneven heating?
a) convection
b) conduction
c) emission
d) radiation

___ can be produced by thunderstorms.
a) Tornados
b) Volcanoes
c) Stationary fronts
d) Tsunamis

The most powerful severe storm is the ____.
a) hurricane
b) tornado
c) thunderstorm
d) front

The temperature at which air is saturated and condensation forms is the ___.
a) dew point
b) rain point
c) wind point
d) relative humidity

Areas of low pressure usually have ___.
a) cloudy weather and/or precipitation
b) good/fair weather
c) descending air
d) high temperatures

The boundary between cold and warm air masses is called a ___.
a) front
b) storm
c) climate
d) flood

When air contains as much moisture as possible at a specific temperature, it is ____.
a) below its dew point
b) saturated
c) cold
d) hot

Maps of weather reports have symbols that show which of the following?
a) dew point
b) type of precipitation
c) humidity
d) all of the other answers are correct

When water droplets in a cloud combine, become too heavy, and fall to the ground as rain, snow, sleet, or hail, we are experiencing ____.
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) precipitation
d) transpiration

A Doppler radar _____.
a) is a package of weather instruments carried many kilometers above the ground by a weather balloon.
b) can detect precipitation as well as the movement of small particles, which can be used to approximate wind speed.
c) is a device that measures wind speed.
d) is a computer model used to determine a weather forecast.

Although typically wind speeds in tornadoes are faster than wind speeds in hurricanes, hurricanes inflict much more overall damage. Why is this?
a) Hurricanes are much larger than tornadoes.
b) Hurricanes last for a longer time than tornadoes.
c) Hurricanes are also associated with flooding since they cause high waves and strong waves
d) All other answers are true.

Mrs. Freeberg had been very busy, but found a day to relax. She knew that the following day would be just as hectic as the days before. She described her relaxing day as the eye of the storm. To which type of severe weather was Mrs. Freeberg compar
a) hurricane
b) tornado
c) thunderstorm
d) blizzard

A severe weather warning means _____.
a) the conditions are right for severe weather, but it is not occurring yet
b) severe weather is occurring
c) severe weather has passed through and it is now safe to go outside
d) it is the season during which the type of severe weather concerned occurs

A severe weather watch means which of the following?
a) The conditions are right for severe weather, but not occurring yet
b) Severe weather is occurring
c) Severe weather has passed through and it is now safe to go outside
d) It is the season during which the type of severe weather concerned occurs

Which type of weather is NOT an intense *tropical* storm?
a) tornado
b) hurricane
c) typhoon
d) tropical cyclone

Which type of air mass is formed over the ocean near the equator?
a) Continental tropical
b) Maritime tropical
c) Maritime polar
d) Continental polar

As altitude increases, which of the following occurs?
a) Air pressure decreases
b) Air pressure increases
c) Air pressure remains the same
d) Air pressure behaves unpredictably because the two are unrelated.

The air in a high pressure system moves into the system from the center
a) False
b) True

When the weather is sunny and hot, the water cycle has stopped for that day.
a) False
b) True

If there is an cold front coming into your area, it is a good day to plan a picnic or other outdoor activity.
a) False
b) True

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