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The land area that supplies water to a river system is called a
a) divide
b) watershed.
c) stream.
d) tributary.

The total amount of water on Earth
a) is fairly constant.
b) is increasing
c) is decreasing.
d) depends on the weather.

Materials that allow water to easily pass through them are
a) permeable.
b) impermeable.
c) saturated
d) unsaturated.

Groundwater is found
a) in the unsaturated zone.
b) in the saturated zone.
c) in the impermeable layer.
d) above the water table.

Material that has many spaces or holes
a) water table
b) porous
c) watershed
d) run off

People can obtain groundwater by drilling a well
a) into an aquifer.
b) into the impermeable layer.
c) above the water table
d) into the unsaturated zone

More than 2/3 of Earth's water is found in
a) rivers and streams
b) ponds and lakes
c) wetlands
d) glaciers and icebergs

One process that can be used (but is very expensive at this time) to remove salt from salt water is called___
a) irrigation
b) recharge
c) desalination
d) filtration

____ is water that flows across land and collects in rivers, in streams, and eventually in the ocean.
a) Infiltration
b) Runoff
c) Percolation
d) Condensation

The area of land where NEW water enters an aquifer
a) groundwater
b) watershed
c) recharge zone
d) permeable

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