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6th Grade Climate Review.[print questions]

the area near the equator, between about 23.5 degrees north and south latitude
a) polar zone
b) tropical zone
c) temperate zone
d) artic zone

Which is not a factor that influences temperature?
a) latitude
b) altitude
c) ocean currents
d) longitude

the average, year-after-year conditions of temperature, precipitation, winds, and clouds in an area
a) climate
b) weather
c) forecast
d) geography

the climate of the west coasts of North America, South America, and Europe
a) westerlies climate
b) continental climate
c) marine climate
d) cold climate

the troposphere cools ____ for every 1-kilometer increase in altitude
a) 6.5 degrees
b) 65 degrees
c) 5.6 degrees
d) 4.8 degrees

streams of water within the oceans that move in regular patterns
a) current
b) river
c) wave
d) tide

the main factors that affect precipitation are:
a) the seasons and latitude
b) altitude and ocean currents
c) prevailing winds and presence of mountains
d) sun and moon

Rain or snow falls on the __________ side of the mountian
a) leeward
b) windward
c) wetward
d) steward

a small area with specific climate conditions
a) macroclimate
b) north pole
c) island
d) microclimate

The seasons are caused by
a) the distance from the sun
b) heat of the equator
c) the tilt of Earth's axis
d) meteors

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