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Which kingdom is made up of ancient bacteria?
a) Archaebacteria
b) Eubacteria
c) Protist
d) All answers are correct

Which kingdom has organisms where some are plant like and some are animal like?
a) Protist
b) Archaebacteria
c) Animal
d) Fungi

Algae is in what kingdom?
a) Protista
b) Fungi
c) Plant
d) Eubacteria

Which two kingdoms are prokaryotic?
a) Eubacteria & Archaebacteria
b) Eubacteria & Protist
c) Protist & Fungi
d) Animal & Plant

What is the most specific level of classification?
a) Species
b) Kingdom
c) Grade
d) Class

Why do scientists classify organisms?
a) To organize into groups so that organisms are easier to study.
b) So they have something to keep them busy.
c) So they can find things in their junk drawer
d) None of the answers are correct.

How many levels of classification are there?
a) Seven
b) Six
c) One
d) One Million

Human fit into which kingdom?
a) Animal
b) Protist
c) Eubacteria
d) Fungi

If an organism is autotrophic it can...
a) Make its own food
b) Jump higher than the Empire State Building
c) None of the answers are correct.
d) Run faster than the speed of light.

The following are all true of organisms classified in the Eubacteria Kingdom except?
a) Eukaryotic
b) True Bacteria
c) unicellular
d) rod, spiral, or circular shaped

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