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On which island of Hawaii can you find Hawaii Volcanoes National Park?
a) Hawaii
b) Oahu
c) Maui
d) None of the above

Hawaii is located on which plate?
a) North American Plate
b) Pacific Plate
c) South American Plate
d) Juan de Fuca Plate

The oldest islands in Hawaii are found to the
a) Northeast
b) Northwest
c) Southeast
d) Southwest

The Hawaiian volcanoes formed due to the presence of a
a) Convergent Plate Boundary
b) Divergent Plate Boundary
c) Hot Spot
d) None of the above

In geologic terms, a hot spot is
a) A place where wi-fi is easily accessible
b) A spot on the Earth where volcanic activity occurs due to a mantle plume
c) A dog in the desert
d) None of the above

The Hawaiian volcanoes feature what type of lava?
a) Felsic
b) Silicic
c) Basaltic
d) Ferrous

Which of the following is NOT a hazard directly produced by volcanic activity?
a) Tephra
b) Earthquakes
c) Lava Flow
d) Geothermal Energy

What is a tsunami?
a) Large wave produced by storms
b) Large wave produced by earthquake or volcanic activity
c) Volcanic debris
d) A type of sushi

Which of the following is a species native to Hawaii?
a) Green Sea Turtles
b) Humpback Whales
c) Dolphins
d) All of the above

True or False: Volcanologists can predict if a volcano will erupt.
a) True
b) False

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