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Identifying The Subject And Predicate. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Identify the subject: George Washington was our first president.
a) was
b) George Washington
c) first
d) president

Identify the simple predicate: Dana skipped down the street.
a) skipped
b) Dana
c) skipped down the street
d) down

Identify the subject: Lauren Hungate is a dog lover.
a) dog
b) is
c) Lauren Hungate
d) lover

Identify the complete predicate: Brooke Leffingwell walks her cat down the street.
a) Brooke Leffingwell
b) walks
c) cat
d) walks her cat down the street

Identify the subject: The audience clapped for Dr. Phil.
a) Dr Phil
b) clapped
c) Phil
d) The audience

Identify the complete predicate: School is fun!
a) is fun
b) School
c) There is no predicate
d) School is fun!

Identify the simple predicate: Mrs. Kreyling loves pumpkin spice lattes.
a) Mrs. Kreyling
b) loves pumpkin spice lattes.
c) loves
d) lattes

Identify the subject: Cold Spring, Kentucky is where we are located.
a) Cold Spring, Kentucky
b) is
c) is where we are located.
d) we

Identify the simple subject: The little dog ran down the sidewalk
a) the little dog
b) dog
c) sidewalk
d) ran

Identify the complete predicate: The flowers in my garden are colorful.
a) The flowers
b) garden
c) The flowers in my garden
d) are colorful

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