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Which is an example of humans interacting with their environment?
a) Inuit tribes of the Arctic who depend on fishing for survival.
b) Someone eating a fish sandwich for lunch at a fast food restaurant.
c) A taxidermist who is paid to stuff and mount fish caught by sportsmen.
d) A town council raising the cost of a fishing license from $5 to $10.

If you lived in Los Angeles, California, what region would you be a part of?
a) The greater San Francisco area
b) The Eastern Hemisphere
c) South America
d) The West Coast of the United States

Which of the following is a true statement about the equator?
a) It influences weather patterns around the world.
b) It divides the earth into the northern and southern hemispheres.
c) It separates the earth into degrees of latitude and longitude.
d) It is the location of earth's magnetic poles.

In terms of geography, which of the following is an example of movement?
a) A father driving his car to the grocery store to buy diapers.
b) A businesswoman commuting to work every morning.
c) Immigrants traveling from Asia to the United States.
d) A family taking a vacation to Florida.

Which of the following is an example of a physical characteristic of a region?
a) A mountain range located within that region.
b) A sports team that everyone in the area roots for.
c) The language that's spoken in that region.
d) The jobs that are available in that region.

How is the region known as the New York tri-state region different from the region known as the Muslim world?
a) People in the New York region speak many different languages; people in the Muslim world do not
b) People in the New York region move around a lot; people in the Muslim world don't
c) People in the New York region do not interact with their environment; people in the Muslim world do
d) The New York region is a geographical place; the Muslim World is a cultural region

The United States is ethnically and geographically diverse. What does this mean?
a) There are many different physical and cultural features in the country
b) The weather changes frequently as you travel across the country
c) Compared to other countries, the U.S. is extremely large
d) Most people in the United States live in cities or suburbs and speak English

Horizontal and vertical lines on a map are know as:
a) Equators and meridians
b) Latitude and longitude
c) Earth coordinates
d) The x axis and y axis

Which of the following is a factual statement about place?
a) It cannot be pinpointed by latitude and longitude
b) The environment has no impact on it
c) It varies depending on the seasons
d) It depends on the physical and cultural characteristics of a location

What are the major themes of geography?
a) People, places, things, and locations.
b) Latitude, longitude, temperature, and humidity.
c) Location, place, region, movement, human-environment interaction.
d) Time zone, rainfall, population, and language.

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