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a) Running fast
b) Reflected off of an object
c) Look carefully because you can't see
d) High place

a) The roof of a house
b) A fruit
c) A garden hose
d) Lifted up

a) To rise up from
b) Happy
c) Mystery
d) Digging up

a) Flying around
b) a dead person
c) Looking like a ghost, pale
d) Scary

a) To fall down
b) Got dressed nicely
c) Sweet fruit
d) To throw a liquid on

a) The color of the sky
b) The smoldering remains of a fire
c) The curve in a trail
d) Small pepples

a) Plant life
b) Vegtables
c) People who only eat vegtables
d) Small meals

a) Iron your clothes
b) Run away from something
c) To question something
d) Hollow out, indent

a) Jump out at someone
b) Worried
c) To carry with difficulty
d) Walk through the forest

a) Lived in the past
b) Sad about something
c) Getting rid of anxiety or worry
d) Finish a project

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