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Chapters 1-4. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What does Max know about King Arthur?
a) King Arthur created the Round Table.
b) King Arthur is a brand of flour Gram uses.
c) King Arthur was the King of England.
d) King Arthur pulled a magical sword out of a stone.

Which is NOT Freak's version of the Arthur Legend?
a) King Arthur was the first king of England.
b) There were dragons and monsters in the world when Arthur was king.
c) Arthur was this wimpy little kid, an orphan.
d) There was a magic crown stuck in a big stone.

What does Freak tell Max about robots?
a) Robotics, the science of designing and building functional robots, is a huge industry.
b) The only real robots are the ones used on car assembly lines.
c) Robots are only toys.
d) Robotics, the science of designing and building functional robots, is only real in the movies.

What is Freak's mother's reaction to seeing Max?
a) She is happy to see Max again.
b) She seems scared of Max.
c) She tells Freak never to play with Max.
d) She is surprised.

The second time Max sees Freak, he is giving orders to the moving men. Describe how Freak looks when Max sees him.
a) He is short with a small head and big ears.
b) He has a normal-sized head, but the rest of his body is shorter than a yardstick.
c) He is tall for his age with a small head.
d) He has long legs, a short body, and normal-sized head.

What observation does Max make about how Freak talks?
a) Freak talks like a robot.
b) Freak talks like he is King Arthur.
c) Freak talks like he is better than Max.
d) Freak talks like a dictionary.

Who are Gram and Grim?
a) Writers of the Grim's Fairy Tales
b) Maxwell's foster parents.
c) Maxwell's grandparents, his mother's people, HER parents.
d) Maxwell's grandparents, his father's people, HIS parents.

Why is Freak really interested in the knights?
a) He believes the knights were the bravest men who ever lived.
b) He believes the knights were like the first human version of robots.
c) He wants to start a club, Freak's Knights of the Round Table.
d) He thinks everyone should be loyal like the knights.

Identify HIM.
a) Tony D.
b) Max's father
c) Grim
d) Kevin's father

What does Freak do and say when Max asks him why he calls his mother Fair Gwen of Air?
a) Freak tries not to show he is laughing inside and explains to Max that his mother's name is Gwen, so he calls her Fair Gwen
b) Freak falls down laughing because he can not believe Max would actually think he call his mother Fair Gwen of Air.
c) Freak just laughs at Max and doesn't say anything.
d) Freak calls his mother and tells her that Max has given her a new nickname, the Fair Gwen of Air.

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