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CHALLENGE: What is the density of an object when the mass is 15 g and the volume is 7.5 mL?
a) 2 g/mL
b) 2 mL/g
c) 15 mL
d) 1.5 grams

To find the volume of a regular-shaped object, you should
a) Multiply length X width X height
b) Use water displacement method
c) Divide length by height
d) Guess, because that always work

What is the density of water?
a) 1 g/mL
b) 1 mL/g
c) 15 mL
d) 1 mL

What tools do you need to calculate density of a liquid?
a) Graduated cylinder and a balance scale
b) A balance and a scale
c) A ruler and a microscope
d) A ruler is all you need

A liquid found to have a Mass of 75 grams and a Volume of 100 mL, has a density of ?
a) .75 g/mL
b) 1 mL/g
c) 7.5 g/mL
d) 1 g/mL

Panning for gold works because Gold is _____________ than Sand and Gravel.
a) More dense
b) Less dense
c) Smaller
d) Flatter

A helium party balloon floats in air because
a) The helium and balloon together have a density less than the density of air.
b) They are magic balloons.
c) The helium and balloon together have a density more than that of air.
d) Helium makes you talk funny.

If an object has the same density of water, what will happen?
a) It will float in the middle.
b) It will sink.
c) It will float.
d) It will shrink.

Cork floats in water because?
a) Its density is less than 1 g/mL
b) Its density is greater than 1 g/mL
c) It's made of wood
d) Cork does not float in water

Why does a swimmer float when wearing a floatie?
a) The floatie changes the swimmers average density to less than 1 g/mL.
b) The floatie is full of air.
c) The floatie changes the water's density to greater than 1 g/mL
d) Floaties don't work, swimmers sink.

If you shake a jar ofdifferent type sand, but they are the same size and shape, they will form into layers. Why?
a) Each type of sand has a different density.
b) Each type of sand has a different volume.
c) Each type of sand has a different color.
d) Each type of sand has a different texture.

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