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what is the term for moving to a new place and setting up a government?
a) immigration
b) moving
c) colonization
d) newby

The democratic government of the U.S. came from which country?
a) Egypt
b) France
c) Spain
d) Greece

What is a responsibility of a U.S. citizen (something you SHOULD do)
a) work
b) vote
c) learn
d) exercise

What creates a border for U.S. and Mexico
a) Grand Canyon
b) Indian Ocean
c) South Padre Island
d) The Gulf of Mexico

Which is true of a limited government?
a) The influence of political parties
b) The power of leaders
c) The rights of citizens
d) The number of elections

The U.S. and Canada are examples of
a) rule by one
b) rule by few
c) rule by many
d) none of the above

Canada and the U.S.both have a
a) french language
b) constitution
c) Bill of Rights

multiculturalism is
a) many cultures together in one place
b) one culture
c) many languages

More advanced (developed) countries have higher?
a) GDP, literacy rates, life expectancy
b) death rates, economy, births
c) money, people, mountains

What geographical feature runs north and south through the United States. It is west of Texas but east of California. It is a major landform that is not good for transporting good or for growing crops?
a) Rio Grande
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Uluru

What are the 5 themes of culture?
a) language, religion, government, economy, customs

What are some things included in the custom’s category
a) Beliefs, moral code, customs
b) people, economy, religion
c) king

WHich of these is a characteristic of a LIMITED government?
a) absolute rulers
b) public education
c) travel restrictions
d) economic freedom

Which of these countries has an unlimited government?
a) India
b) Great Britian
c) Cuba
d) Canada

A monarchy is ruled by what
a) committee
b) President
c) king

Which of these is considered “ruled by many?”
a) Liberia
b) Cuba
c) Jordan
d) Mexico

A characteristic of a limited government is the ability to
a) own a dog
b) own private property
c) make your own rules

What are three major things that are similar in the U.S., Canada and Mexico?
a) language, religion, government
b) people, economy, religion

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