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A power distribution system where power is equally shared by the Central and Regional authorities
a) Confederation
b) Parliamentary
c) Federal
d) Unitary

What is true of a presidential democracy
a) the president can only remain in power if his or her political party holds a majority in the legislature
b) the president is independent of the legislature
c) the president cannot veto acts of congress
d) only political parties in the legislature can vote.

Which branch interprets the laws?
a) Judicial
b) Executive
c) Legislative

Which of these describes a bicameral legislature
a) A government with two executive leaders
b) a legislature with 2 houses
c) a legislature with 3 houses
d) a government with two court systems

Which branch of government is responsible for making the laws
a) Judicial
b) Executive
c) Presidential
d) Legislative

Which form of government is characterized by unlimited power
a) Autocracy
b) Democracy
c) Theocracy
d) Constitutional Monarchy

Which is a description of a unitary system
a) a group of separate countries or regions agree to join together for a specific purpose
b) the citizens of a country elect leaders at multiple levels that make decisions
c) two or more countries form an alliance to make decisions
d) there is a central authority that makes all major decisions

Which form of autocracy can hold unlimited power and is typically hereditary
a) Democracy
b) Unitary distribution
c) Absolute Monarchy
d) Dictatorship

In a parliamentary democracy, which two branches are Fused together
a) Legislative and Judicial
b) Judicial and Executive
c) Executive and Legislative

Which statement describes checks and balances of a presidential democracy
a) limits placed on each branch to what they can do
b) limits on amount of voting allowed
c) limits on balancing the budget too many times
d) limits on presidential elections

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