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6th Grade Social Studies Georgia Standards Of Excellence SS6CG1, SS6Cg2, SS6CG3, SS6CG4. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Read the statement: A nation's prime minister loses support in the legislature. A new election must be held to allow citizens to select a new national leader
a) Presidential Democracy
b) Parliamentary Democracy
c) Autocratic Government
d) Confederate Government

Toomutu has decided to reach an agreement that says governmental power will be SHARED between a local level and a national level
a) Federal system
b) Confederate System
c) Unitary Sytem
d) Government only system

The President is the leader of the executive branch of government. The President is independent from the legislature
a) Oligarchy
b) Parliamentary Democracy
c) Presidential Democracy
d) Dictatorship

In Farawayland, parliamentary elections there are sometimes offer as many as 18 different political parties on the ballot. Everyone over age 18 is allowed to vote. How would you characterize this government?
a) Confederate
b) Autocratic
c) oligarchy
d) Democratic

All citizens participate equally in which type of government
a) Oligarchy
b) Theogracy
c) democracy
d) autocracy

The primary difference between a presidential and parliamentary democracy is that a parliamentary system's chief executive is chosen by
a) a president
b) popular vote
c) the legislature (or parliament)
d) theocracy

In which form of government are citizens free to participate in deciding who runs the country?
a) oligarchy
b) theocracy
c) democracy
d) totalitarian government

Which statement BEST describes the role of citizens in an autocratic form of government?
a) citizens can join a variety of political parties
b) citizens can challenge government rules in court
c) citizens can vote in presidential elections
d) citizens have no way to limit the power of government

A central government power distribution system holds all power at which level
a) state level
b) national (central) level
c) regional level
d) local leve

Which is true of a confederate (power distribution) government?
a) the central government has more power than the regional government
b) the government is made up of a voluntary association of states (regions)
c) the states must always act together
d) it is an autocratic form of government

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