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To build the wrong meaning, to misunderstand is to-
a) Misconstrue
b) Destruction
c) Construct
d) Reconstruct

To build again
a) Reconstruct
b) Construct
c) Desconstruct
d) Misconstrue

The base or foundation of a building is a-
a) Construction
b) Substructure
c) Infrastructure
d) Superstruction

When something is built on top of something else-
a) Superstructure
b) Substructure
c) Infrastructure
d) Construction

Something that blocks the way of things is called a-
a) Substructure
b) Reconstruction
c) Obstruction
d) Construction

Roads, communication, transportation, and schools are an example of-
a) Substructure
b) Infrastructure
c) Superstructure
d) Reconstruction

A person who helps someone build knowledge-
a) deconstruct
b) instruct
c) instructor
d) reconstruction

To build someone's knowledge is to-
a) instruct
b) reconstruct
c) desconstruct
d) construct

The base, foundation, support of a building is called its-
a) Infrastructure
b) Substructure
c) Superstructure
d) Obstruction

Building that are created or produced are called new-
a) Substructure
b) Destruction
c) Construction
d) Superstructure

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