8th SS - Unit 3 Review (SS8H2bc) Question Preview (ID: 47734)

Unit 3 (SS8H2b, SS8H2c). TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Upon landing in Savannah in 1733, James Oglethorpe initially met with:
a) Chief Tomochichi
b) Jewish settlers
c) members of the Cherokee
d) King George II

How did Mary Musgrove assist the settlers in Georgia?
a) She was an interpreter between Oglethorpe and Tomochichi.
b) She helped them migrate to the Chattahoochee River.
c) She showed them how to grow rice.
d) She revealed how to conquer the Indians.

What was the first permanent settlement in Georgia?
a) Savannah
b) Brunswick
c) Augusta
d) Valdosta

What was the first group to arrive in Savannah after the original settlers?
a) the Jews
b) the Salzburgers
c) the Highland Scots
d) the Malcontents

Which group settled in Georgia after being removed from modern-day Austria?
a) the Salzburgers
b) the Jews
c) the Highland Scots
d) the Malcontents

The major religion practiced by the Salzburgers was:
a) Protestantism
b) Judaism
c) Catholicism
d) Islam

After a short time, the Salzburgers settled the land of:
a) Ebenezer
b) Athens
c) Louisville
d) Bainbridge

Where did the Highland Scots originate?
a) Scotland
b) Ireland
c) Spain
d) Italy

Which of the following groups was considered to be comprised of great soldiers?
a) the Highland Scots
b) the Malcontents
c) the Jews
d) the Salzburgers

Which group was displeased in colonial Georgia and eventually moved out of the colony?
a) the Malcontents
b) the Salzburgers
c) the Jews
d) the Highland Scots

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