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What caused a spread in slavery?
a) Rocky soil
b) profitability of the slave trade
c) fur trade
d) profitability of the agrarian system and plantations

Which group settled in New England?
a) Puritans
b) Quakers
c) Catholics
d) French

Which of the following describes the geography of the Middle Colonies?
a) Hot weather
b) Moderate weather
c) Cold weather
d) No weather

The Quakers founded Pennsylvania for which reason?
a) economic
b) tradition
c) religion
d) political

Which colony , in New England, made money by fishing and shipbuilding?
a) Georgia
b) New York
c) Maryland
d) Massachusetts

What document was written in 1620?
a) Constitution
b) Mayflower Compact
c) English Bill of Rights
d) Magna Carta

Maryland is a save haven for which group?
a) Catholics
b) Quakers
c) Protestants
d) Pilgrims

Which of the following are port cities?
a) Jamestown and Plymouth
b) New York and Baltimore
c) Boston, New Orleans, New York
d) Jamestown and New York

What did Roger Williams do in Rhode Island?
a) created the Quaker group
b) forced people to become Puritans
c) planted cash crops
d) made a colony based on religious tolerance

How did the rocky soil and harsh winters of the New England colonies influence their economy?
a) they were able to fish
b) They changed religions
c) They made very small farms (subsistence farming) to just feed themselves
d) allowed them to plant cash crops

What economic opportunity did France find in the New World?
a) establishing missions
b) building colonies
c) converting Natives to Christianity
d) establishing a fur trade

Which happened during the colonization era?
a) a sense of national pride happened in America
b) America went to war with England
c) English established 13 colonies
d) People boycotted British goods

Which of the following is a reason for exploration that aligns with GOD?
a) expanding your territory
b) establishing Spanish missions
c) conquistadors conquering Aztecs
d) discovering gold

Which of the following would bring GLORY to your country?
a) Expanding your territory
b) Trading enslaved people
c) Spreading religion
d) Establishing missions

What caused growth of self- government in the colonies?
a) salutary neglect
b) slavery
c) deep harbors and port cities for trade
d) a sense of nationalism

What caused a growth in self- government in the colonies?
a) distance from England
b) fur traders in Mississippi
c) The king coming to visit the colonies
d) Christopher Columbus' lack of respect

What did the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, Virginia House of Burgesses, and Mayflower Compact influence?
a) taxes in the new world
b) self/representative-government
c) Spreading religion
d) independence from the king

Why was there an assembly created in Virginia?
a) to govern themselves
b) to establish trade rules
c) to express dissatisfaction with the king
d) Christopher Columbus' lack of respect

How did voting change in New England?
a) you do not have to be part of a church to participate in elections
b) it did not change at all
c) only natives could vote at first
d) only rich males can vote

Why did the Transatlantic trade spread?
a) to expand trade beyond China
b) trading enslaved people was profitable
c) the crops in the south brought in a lot of money
d) discourage natives from trading with colonists

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